Reception and Seminars

In a family house, during the age of enlightenment

4 Large and colourfull barocco lounges welcome seminar( till 20 persons ), your event or your wedding ( up to 100 guests)

Music lounge (70sqm)

With its stucco, its marble chimneys , its colorful barocco decoration, and paintings of the silk roads landmarks, this room welcomes concert, paintings exhibitions and will transport you into a lostelegant world.

Trophies lounge (38 sqm)

decorated with large mirrors and military symbols of Jean Agathante de Digoine officer of the king Louis XV, it can accommodate 20 persons with paper board and screen.

Shepherd Lounge (33sqm)

with its wooden carved panels , its marble chimney and french ceiling , it is used for working group or buffet

Dining room (28 sqm)

the place to make a break during a seminar or to have a dinner on private tables

The honour courtyard

the garden with its old roses varieties and its Mediterranean plants is a call for rest and meditation in a teck deck chair or wine tasting. it is close to the indoor swimming pool where you can refresh any time.